3 Social Media Tricks for Small Businesses and Startups

Small businesses face numerous challenges, ranging from capital availability and capacity to deliver. Recruitment and retention of manpower makes the list too. Today, investors in business are aware of the power of social media. They know that they can use social media in managing their branding and generating leads for sales. The common problem they all face is that the small businesses often lack the neccessary resources to carry out any reasonable social media activity.

Social media requires scale and style to achieve meaningful results. You will however find that many of these young business setups have a certain internet presence that usually includes a website, and some social media presence. Their online presence is often not very vibrant, or totally not felt due to inactivity. Some of the achievements that Social Media can achieve for small businesses include;

  • Merge with the communications department of the organization to improve outbound communications.
  • Generate leads for future business and partnerships.
  • Facilitate and play a role in PR and Branding since most small businesses have minimal budgets.
  • Provide an easy, readily available channel for customers to interact with the business.
  • Put in place an early-warning system for possible negative publicity.

When the small business is not in a position to cement its online presence, it means that there could be opportunities that are being lost. It also leads to a lowering of public opinions of the business; remember the brand needs to be seen to be doing well, the basis of PR and Branding. Another possible result is that the business is not able to listen to a section of their customers.

The solution for such small businesses lies in 3 simple things

1. Freelance Social Media Managers

Social Media managers do not have to be in the office every day. They can successfully manage the business accounts from wherever they are. All they need is an indepth understanding of the organization, internet access and any suitable access devices. If your brand is on Instagram, they will definitely be having a phone with them. There are also scheduling tools available for various platforms. These tools allow the Social Media to schedule and then monitor feedback. Any important development is passed up to the appropriate department. This can be done via email. Hiring can be done over the internet, there are platforms such as Simplyhired.com and Upwork.com. These are established online recruitment platforms.

2. Content Calendar

Having a good content calendar is integral to social media success. Know what you want to share or tell your customers nad plan for it. The content calendar is a great way to track a freelance Social Media manager. If they have not posted what was planned, then they are sleeping on their job. Have the freelancer develop a strategy. The starategy will have in it a content calendar and other details on how they plan to achieve the goals of the small business.

3. Networking with other Players in the Industry

In your industry, there are other players. Network with them. They do not have to be your competitors. They can be higher up in the chain, or lower than you. A small business dealing with paper sales can network with companies they supply to. They can also work with the different manufacturers of paper around them. It is simple, easy, fast and powerful. It only involves your social media manager having a rapport with the social media managers of the other business’ account(s). Building these social media networks helps you spread your message to their audiences. They can also come in handy when you are running a social media campaign.

Try out these tricks, and see your social media presence make great gains.

In conclusion, do not let social media be difficult for you. Remote working is real and can be utilized to help your small business maintain an internet presence at low costs. All small businesses should learn to harness the power of the internet. If one of the methods of harnessing it is to hire a remote social media accounts manager, then so be it.

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