5 simple social media campaign models that work

Social media managers will at one time in their career have to be in charge of a social media campaign. Often, they will have to conceptualize it, strategize and oversee the implementation of the strategy. The organization will set the goals that they want achieved. It is thus left to the social media manager to decide how to go about it.

Social media will often be called upon to act as the PR machine, complement the Communications Department, support Sales and function in Lead generation, operate in website Traffic generation and be involved in Customer Relations Management among a thousand other tasks.

5 social media campaign models
  1. Publicity Campaign. The best way to go about this is to have your audience generating content and attributing it to you. Such content could include text posts, pictures or short videos. Be considerate of your audience and fans. For example, in my part of the world, long video clips would be troublesome for some people due to internet costs. I would thus go for content that does not include videos. One can also try a combination of text and photos since social media loves visuals. Throw in a prize in there to spice things up a little.
  2. Lead Generation. This is a little more taxing. Consider having a promotion where you give coupons or discounts for those who come to your organization via social media. You will need a team constantly scouring social media platforms for users who show interest in your products, or who would be interested in your products. The social media campaign will involve reaching out to them, telling them about your campaign and waiting to see if they will engage with your products.
  3. Traffic generation. You want more traffic to your website. Or maybe you are looking to increase your audience. How about you create a portal where your fans can write or post content on your website. You will then share this content and attribute it to them through your social media accounts. You can also include a prize for those who get the most views or comments. This makes the writers of the content share their content on social media and other online platforms they may have. You will have your traffic flow to your website.
  4. Brand Clean Up. Yes, we all land into a mess at one time or the other. Social Media may be called upon to help clear the image of the organization. Grab a small team that is easy to coordinate. Run a social media campaign of giving to charity or other works of mercy. E.g ‘We will give 500 USD to a charity of your choice if you win our daily quiz. Now, run a simple 1-week quiz with daily winners. Be sure to make a big show of the different days that you visit the charities to deliver donations. Yeah, it is called PR. Your team will ensure you get maximum visibility on different social media platforms. The team could additionally help you coordinate the campaign. They are also useful if they can be brand ambassadors and say a nice word about you once in a while.
  5. Last, Customer Service. This one is a day-to-day function of social media. You can however be called upon to do something more. Customer service on social media requires information to be availed to the social media manager quickly and effectively. It also requires the manager to be quickly responsive to customer queries. If you want to boost this using social media, run a campaign where you ask your audience and fans to help you answer queries. They can use a specific hashtag (don’t we all love hashtags?) and you will see if they are right or wrong. Right answers could win prizes such as airtime or phones etc. Run it for as long as you want.

I tested these 5 social media campaign models over a period of time. Some I did myself, while others were campaigns I ran for different organizations. Feel free to adapt them to your other needs and be sure to send some feedback my way. I know that some models have not been explained in detail because I did not want to get boring, feel free to ask for more info on those.

With love, from LtCaezar.

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