6 Investments for Social Media Managers

Social media managers no longer need to be in the office every day. They often check in once or twice a week, and the rest of the work is done from wherever they are. After the evolution of online writing as digital nomads, now the social media manager has followed suit to harness the power of internet connectivity. That said, which are the most crucial pieces of equipment and resources that they need?

  1. A laptop computer. (Desktop if your budget is small) For writing out strategy, documents and sending important emails. Most social media platforms also have their best interfaces on web view. It is also a great tool for when you want to monitor several items on social media at the same time. As we will see later, scheduling applications work best on computer.
  2. A mobile phone. Social media mangers are required to be vigilant all the time. Even when on the move, they have to respond to most queries that are addressed to the company’s social media accounts. Facebook makes sure of this, they calculate the average response time to new messages and display it publicly. You can schedule, and then monitor from your mobile device. This category includes tablets or iPads.
  3. Scheduling App. You will need a good scheduling app. HootSuite is a favorite choice for many social media managers. In the early morning hours, schedule the content that should go out in line with your content calendar. As the day progresses, you will be free to reply to work emails and other duties you have to undertake.
  4. Internet Access. This applies to both internet on the move, and when you are stationary in one place. You can have a router for your house. On the move options; most mobile phones allow for WiFi Hotspot creation. If your data carrier is reliable over cellular network, they are a natural choice. The other option is to buy a modem.
  5. Networks. The social media success of a campaign rests on word being spread around. Network with fellow social media managers in different places. They will often be ready to help you out, and offer advice when you hit difficulties. Making networks within the industry where your company works also ensures a ready audience for your content, and audience that is likely to engage with it.
  6. Analysis tools. Social media does not work without analysis. You have to find out what is working for your organization and adapt to it. If you are running any social media campaign, you will need to analyze if it is meeting its goals. Such analytic tools also help you when reporting to your bosses. Use the provided analytics on different social media platforms, and combine them with one external analytic tool.

We at Nestwebia wish you success in your Social Media Manager life, and talk to us from time to time.