Amani Kenya Urges Peace and Hard Work

Kenyans are urged to embrace peaceful coexistence and focus on their daily economic activities. The Amani Kenya peace caravan headed by Gikonyo Njeru is spearheading reconciliation and peace building efforts. So far, the peace caravan has been able to reach Laikipia and Nyeri counties.

Gikonyo Njeru(Right) in an Amani Kenya Peace Caravan session

Residents of the county have welcomed the peace message and have vowed to avoid destruction of property. They say that this is the time to work.

The founder of the peace initiative, Gikonyo Njeru, is a prison officer at the Nanyuki Prison. In his free time and days off, the Prison Officer is a boda boda rider. He started the initiative with a few fellow riders before the August 8th, 2017 general elections. Boda boda riders were being used by politicians in their campaigns.

Often, they would end up unpaid, in confrontations, and some lost their motorcycles when they clashed with opposing camps.

Gikonyo set out to prevent and stop this. Boda boda riders would get involved in political fights. Some lost their motorcycles and other riders ended up with lifelong disabilities due to injuries. They are now reformed and exhibiting good social behaviour.

A message on one Amani Kenya Peace Caravan motorcycle.


The initiative has grown from a solo act. It now boasts an impressive number of 10 – 15 riders in the caravan. The total number of members is higher, but due to work constraints and the need to keep putting food on the table, some riders are not able to attend all caravans.



Another challenge the caravan faces is inadequate finances to fuel for their motorcycles.

All is however not lost. Audiences that the caravan meets with are very receptive to the peace message. Congratulatory messages for their good work are plenty from various quarters and residents. These positives keep Gikonyo and his initiative going.

The ultimate goal of the initiative is to see Kenyans feeling free to live and work anywhere as they focus on nation building. In the view of the peace caravan, Kenya should be one, with its people working together for prosperity.

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