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Nanyuki Bed and Breakfast Stopover

Nanyuki is a town on the Equator. It sits at a cold windy altitude of 6389 ft above sea level. There are many establishments offering bed and breakfast packages for travelers in and around town. The economy of the town and surrounding areas is mainly supported tourism and the nearby large-scale agricultural farms.  The British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) also employs a lot of locals in addition to numerous community projects they implement.

The majestic Mount Kenya towers over the town. It is arguably the centerpiece of a Nanyuki visit. On a clear day you will see the whole mountain up to the 3 peaks. On your stopover, keep in mind that Nanyuki is a rather sleepy and peaceful town.

I was recently in Nanyuki which also happens to be my hometown. Having been away for a number of years, my knowledge of the town had gotten a little rusty. I enlisted the services of Fafa Dante (NguruDante) and to show me around town. I would be using my own means of transport.

Driving around Nanyuki

But before I tell you about my quick drive to check out Queens Inn, I owe you a small explanation. Nestwebia is born and brought up in Nanyuki (based in Nanyuki). I hope it will not be bitten by the wanderlust bug and migrate. While strolling in the famous streets of Twitter at the Nestwebia offices, I came across this tweet by Akiru Kinuthia @TheAkiru. She was looking for homestay services in Nanyuki.

A quick check told me that Homestay in Nanyuki is a lie. The few offering it either know nothing about digital presence, or have price ranges that did not meet Akiru’s specifications. It was a slow Saturday afternoon at the office. So, I decided to step out for some air and in the process be a Good Samaritan to Akiru. That is when I enlisted the help of Fafa Dante.

Looking for Accommodation in Nanyuki

Fafa Dante started me off with a visit to the Town and Country guesthouse or something. On arrival, unfinished stairs and lackluster service greeted us. There also followed a rather unpleasant conversation with one staff member.

Naturally, I struck the Town and Country guesthouse from my list of Nanyuki accommodation recommendations. However, the place has good amenities and is relatively well-priced. I hope to revisit the place under more pleasant circumstances. My old friend Lucy Kiruthu who is a customer experience guru and trainer should give the staff here a free learning session.

Nanyuki Bed and Breakfast winners

Queens Inn Nanyuki

Next, we hopped into the car and quickly drove about 3 kilometers outside town. Our drive took us past the Equator Crossing to our destination – Queens Inn. The first words that came to my mind on arrival at Queens are ‘sweet and spacious’ because of the ample space for relaxation and parking. A few cottages for their guests who spend a night there take up space on one end of the Inn. Their bar is well stocked to keep you busy throughout the evening. You will want to revisit Queens Inn because the food from their kitchen is just ‘Wow!!!

Nanyuki Equator Crossing - Nestwebia
Nanyuki Equator Crossing – Nestwebia

At the Queens Inn, you have an excellent view of Mt. Kenya from an upstairs open-air deck during daytime. You can still use the deck at night – the establishment has invested in some cover to pull over the front. It very effectively keeps out the cold mountain wind. The prices here for bed and breakfast are very reasonable. Once I get a queen, I must take her some day to Queens Inn for a treat.

Nanyuki Ibis Hotel

By this time, I had received communication from Akiru that she would be staying at the Ibis Hotel. Ibis is great, so there was no need to check it out. I know Ibis’ services are good. Their prices are however tweaked a little upwards. Ibis Hotel is an old player in the Nanyuki accommodation sector; they know what they are doing. However, Akiru still needed accommodation services for some fellas accompanying her. I had not yet completed my job. Quickly, we drove back towards town and headed straight to Park View hotel.

Park View Hotel Nanyuki

Nanyuki Park View hotel faces the recreational Central Park. I bet it gets its name from that fact. It is a stone-throw away from Ibis Hotel. The rooms are quite spacious and have DSTV. Hot shower, ample security and a smiling attendant wormed their way into my heart. They have breakfast, but you need to inform them in advance. Park View is a good place to get accommodation in Nanyuki if you would like to sample the nightlife. Oh, and there is a bar!

As we left View Park, I sent a last Twitter message to Akiru. In the message, I recommended Park View hotel since it is clean, at the heart of town, and easily fits into the average Nanyuki Bed and Breakfast budget.

By Mutahi Muriithi – Nestwebia youth mentor and investor in ideas. Connect with Mutahi on Twitter.

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