Night Dance and Hippos of Crayfish Camp Naivasha Title

It was a short journey that I wished I would have been longe. I do not know if it was because of the beautiful night, or that I still wanted to get lost in it. The stars up above twinkled as we went to our destination – Crayfish Camp, Naivasha.

I was unsure of how it would turn out; I was literally in the dark, but hoping for the best. One thing that stood out though, was that I wanted to learn more. The idea of staying out late into the night and lighting bonfires excited me. It also brought a false sense of security (I mean they always said that hunters lit fires to keep away wild animals in the forest)/ The only idea I had of camps and bonfires closely followed the life of hunters! Mainly it was about the use of fire for safety purposes.

We had planned for this day for months and it was finally here. I remember the countdowns – they made us look like we were waiting for the Kenya National exams.

Travel in Kenya. When you visit Crayfish Camp, make sure to go for the boat ride.

As the gates of Crayfish Camp opened, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. “Here is to the beautiful night ahead,” so I thought. My family members were around me. I love and cherish them. Enjoying the moment was a plus to what I already had.

Crayfish Naivasha Camplife is Good

The Crayfish Camp scenery is beautiful; I personally love green. Seeing the beautiful lawns melted my own heart. Beside that, the camp’s management brought music. We were going to dance the night away. Since the days of our forefathers music and dance has always been the heart of everything. Not forgetting the fact that music speaks to the soul in more ways than one.

Sticking to the music, I couldn’t help but drift away. I loved the noise; loud as it was. My parents could have been on my neck if I had done the same at home. It brought a sense of freedom. I thought of the old days when people played music so that their women could dance. Most stories told of the old days suggest that most people met during “the dance” , when the drums were beating. Come to think of it, the Nigerians use dance a lot when a king is choosing his bride; but that’s just the movies.

I wandered off and found a swimming pool tucked away somewhere in the camp. It is breathtaking at night. It had this dark blue color crowned with this lighting around it that provided a very romantic scene. I could not resist taking a picture – for my social media of course.

We later had meat, roasted meat with Ugali for the night. I felt like a hunter living in the bush as I struggled with the bones, coaxing them to yield their tasty bits. It was a satisfying feeling, better than the one I usually get during the festive season (December)

The Naivasha Crayfish Camp pool at night.
The Crayfish Camp swimming pool at night.

Travellers take Memories with them

I still remember the jokes, fun and the laughter of Crayfish Camp Naivasha. If only the night’s blazing bonfire flames would be alive to tell our story! We all slept early in the wee hours of the morning. Naivasha can get cold at night! I found out from the mattresses at the camp; it felt like my own bed back at home. Funny enough everybody woke up early. The camp’s management should look into those mattresses! The highlight of the visit was the boat ride in Lake Naivasha, the hippos are big and scary.

The water was cool and calm, the sun was generous too. Unfortunately we had to leave soon after, since Monday was a working day and school day for some of us. Everybody was tired and slept on the way back home, except me of course – the group blogger. Given another chance, I’d love to relive the day at this moment. For now though, it is just another memory.

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