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Make Energy Efficiency Africa’s Top Priority

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges affecting the world today. There is need to adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change as well as to facilitate the development of techniques that can increase resilience to the climate change impacts. Africa is greatly vulnerable to climate change impact.

The Sustainable Energy Expo 2017 in Uganda is a campaign that focused on sustainable use of energy. It also incorporated energy access and environmental sustainability. It attracted close to hundred (100) key stakeholders participating through promoting, distributing and selling renewable and energy efficient technologies.

The campaign caught our eye at Nestwebia and we tracked the organization behind the expo. We found out that it is an innovative and interactive public education and Awareness foundation called Energy Without Borders Foundation (EWBF) based in Uganda. We then asked a few quick questions whose answers we share with you today.

About Energy Without Borders Foundation

Energy Without Borders Foundation (EWBF) has a central focus on development issues such as climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency. The foundation is additionally not afraid of tackling issues such as Health, education and problems with Water resources.

Energy Without Borders Project
One Energy Without Borders Project

Energy without Borders was formed as a result of realizing that despite the existence of alternative communication methods, the best way of taking development messages to target groups is through interactive public engagement. The foundation’s campaign approach is customized to the needs of the target communities and done in the language they understand.

Founded by Ismail Muyinda, EWBF sees no boundary when it comes to sharing knowledge about Energy, Energy efficiency, Renewable Energy and Climate Change.

Activities of the Foundation

EWBF is undertaking a number of other projects and activities. In public education and awareness creation, the foundation has campaigns about climate change, mitigation and adaptation approaches. There is also a push for understanding of basic Energy Efficiency practices for homes businesses.

To develop and build the capacity of communities that the foundation reaches, there are training programs in;

  • Renewable Energy sources and their uses,
  • Solar installation and Maintenance for rural electricians,
  • Biomass Technology eg. Design, making and manufactures of charcoal Briquette and Improved Cookstoves (ICS),
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

The energetic foundation additionally has community events and tours they organize. Energy Without Borders has school tours that are a much-needed instrument of raising climate-change awareness among school-going children. Their goal with the tours is to raise a population that is aware about energy efficiency.

The work that EWBF has been doing over time is recognized. They have had exhibitions such as the Sustainable Energy Campaigns carried out in Jinja (2015), Mbarara (2016) and in Lira (2017). They were not left out of the TEKOWA Energy fairs in Northern Uganda. The foundation is also active during the World Energy week and International Earth day celebrations.

What is good gets rewarded. EWBF is happy to have partnered with leading stakeholders such as the Ugandan government through its Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Lutheran World Federation and GIZ among others.

Goals of Energy Without Borders Foundation

EWBF’s goal is to advocate for environmental stability through public education about climate change. They are also aiming at promoting the adoption and use of new and renewable energy, and efficient technologies in a sustainable manner.

The foundation is working towards being the best-equipped, most-known and most professional actor in awareness, sensitization, education on climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency in East Africa.

Achieving the EWBF goals

The EWBF approach is unique and very innovative. Trucks equipped with interactive exhibits, hand-on components and equipment are at the heart of their campaigns. The trucks are used during trainings. To reach a wider community, EWBF organizes practical and interactive education tours visiting hundreds of schools, events, trade shows and vocational institutes. The foundation has put into play a wide array of tools and inter-educational activities. These include exercise manuals, music, art, documentaries, infotainment, exhibits, participatory theater plays, model demonstrations, energy talk and interactive games to achieve their goals.

Reach Out

For more information, and to contact Energy Without Borders Foundation, reach out to the foundation on its website;

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