Faster service by your company’s social media customer care

Do you want some assistance from an organization via social media?

First rule: Calm down, and keep calm.

When it comes to social media customer care personnel, nothing is more annoying to the customer care agent than an angry customer who wants to offload their anger. Exclamation marks !!! or words in ALL CAPS are sure to get you slower service. The Customer Service agent reasons that they should let you cool down a little. So you will see  response after a delayed minute or two.

The second rule is to ensure you explain your problem in all the detail you can muster.

Give them enough details and information so that the Customer Service agent can fully understand your problem. DO not push them to a corner about how right or wrong they are, we are here to help each other. Explain it in context and be sure to have a pen and paper ready to take down detials.

Customer care on social media is a favorite option for many people since the Customer Service agent has time to look through the system, find out the problem and easily help you in solving it. It is unlike on the phone where there is pressure to not only solve your problem quickly, but also to end the call and attend to the next customer.

Well, some companies can give pretty dumb answers to queries, such as this one by a mobile service provider!

Am researching the third rule, but it is along the lines of using private means of contact. This is about messaging on Facebook instead of posting on their page, and doing DMs on Twitter instead of posting on their TL. Do you feel me? The more public it is, the more the pressure to be right. The lesser public, the more time and resource assigned to you.

Another thing, do not go riding or piggybacking on another person’s conversation with the company you want help from. Start your own line of conversation so that you are attended to uniquely.

That guy in that tweet rode on someone’s else conversation, and am not sure if they will ever get an answer.

Last, that Avi or profile photo of yours. What does it convey at first glance? Remember there is a person behind that social media account.

Look beyond the corporate handle, and get into the shoes of that fellow who woke up and found his car with a flat tyre. Now tell him the stories you want in your angry, self righteous tone. Customer care agents are trained never to lose their cool. Often, there are protocols to follow and verification to deal with. If they ask you a question, answer truthfully and calmly.

This article is written by LtCaezar, industry leader in events and Corporate social media.

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