Heroes and Heroines - Courage Fight-for-ideology

Heroes and Heroines

Day in day out, man searches for his existence on earthly planet. He gradually discovers and realizes that he was thrown in his own island. On the Island he meets crises, setbacks, rejection and desperation. Great icons and legendaries are formed and nurtured in this school of suffering.

Human beings must be prodigious to triumph over these obstacles. Indefatigability should be the order of the day. One must not give in or admit to failures. The great slogan of the military; training hard and fighting easy should be eternally imprinted in our souls.

Philosophies of Life

Even in the greatest turmoil, dangers and snares we should not retreat nor surrender. It’s better to die fighting rather than to live in a comfort zone without living for your existence. Alan W.Watts says out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

Tough people always drag their body where they can’t walk. Perseverance and endurance of being pressured by the rocky ground makes someone to develop enormous muscle until one achieves his end. Struggle makes life beautiful. You may fail a thousand battles, but on the thousandth and one battle be successful. When we feel our scars and love ourselves too much we kill and terminate the stars hidden in us.

Every action done by the human being is eternal in nature. The sufferings we come across everyday should make us better, not bitter. We motivate others when we overcome misery, dread and perils of life. This makes us feel celestial and transcendent.

Heroes and Heroines - Courage Fight-for-ideology
Struggle makes life beautiful. You may fail a thousand battles, but on the thousandth and one battle be successful.

Great men are products of other great men. Standing on shoulders of other warriors, make you a better warrior. Programming our soft ware’s with superb and magnificent stuffs makes us mediocre rather than mediocre. Dead people who made impacts in our life speak loudly, but some who live presently are as silent as a cemetery.

All are Players in the Game

Life is a game of overcoming opponents and perpetually punching the enemy with a focus. To those who feel low, useless in life, defeated and desperate with their life, it is time to crush the ego and reform it. We usually step on the dust but when the wind blows, it flies up in the sky. Likewise, the haters, saboteurs and conspirators try to walk on your dream but you have the potential to conquer and be up in the sky.

Heroes and heroines enrich your intellect with the mighty thoughts to believe the unthinkable.

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