Kenyans Challenged to Peace on #AbigailChallenge

Kenyans and Africans at large stand challenged to maintain peace. The #AbigailChallenge encourages sharing of peace messages via social media. It does not matter which side of the political divide one is on. When there is unrest in any nation or area, individuals and whole communities are adversely affected. Globally, countries that are aggressive towards each other such as the USA and N. Korea affect the stability of whole geographical regions!

Kenya is one of the many African nations that experience flares and bursts of violence from time to time. Often, the unrest happens around elections; either just before or just after elections. In 1992, a large number of people lost their lives in skirmishes dotted around the country. The year marked the first serious case of clashes between communities based on tribal alliances. Kenyans did not learnt then, more was still to come!

2007 is another year that remains embedded firmly in Kenyan history. The post-election violence that year saw more than 3,000 Kenyans killed! Hundreds of thousands more were displaced in that bout of clashes. IDP (Internally Displaced Person) became a common place acronym in a country where previously it was only rarely mentioned. A repeat of such incidents should not be allowed to happen.

Social Media for Peacebuilding

Seer Africa Organization is spearheading a peace campaign that caught our attention at Nestwebia. It has been dubbed the #AbigailChallenge. Social Media forms the backbone of the campaign that is powered by your goodwill. Would you be willing to share a message of peace via your social media accounts? Peace ensures socio-economic prosperity as well as political progress.

The #AbigailChallenge as will be explained later in this article is a noble initiative. It not only comes at a very crucial time for Kenya but for the world too. Global peace is continuously at risk due to feuding groups and nations. We urge you to take part in the challenge today.

We reached out to the Seer Africa Organization. Our efforts were not in vain and we got a phone conversation with the CEO Mr. Waziri Mutiga. We asked about the #AbigailChallenge. Mr Mutiga pointed out that there is a marked increase of pro-violence rhetoric in Kenya. As the country heads to a repeat of the 8th August 2017 polls, peace is quickly fading to the background. Politicians are no longer calling for peace in their campaign rallies.

Seer Africa organization has produced the short poem that is recited in a video. “This time of voting, watu wanahubiri vita tu badala ya amani” Said Mr Waziri in swahili language. (Translation: This time of voting, people are only preaching violence instead of peace!) He further went on to inform us that the purpose of making the short video is to preach peace. In the video, young Abigail Ngima recites the poem promoting peace on behalf of Seer Africa Organization. Mr Mutiga urges all Kenyans to embrace, spread, and defend peace.

Participating in the #AbigailChallenge

On your Twitter, Facebook or other social media accounts, share a line or two of the poem and include the hashtag #AbigailChallenge.

View the Peace Challenge Poem video on Youtube.

You may also download the .Mp4 video here (8.9 MB)

The Peace Challenge Poem

Kuwa mkenya mwema, penda jirani  yako

Kuwa mkenya mwema, hubiri amani.


Popote uendapo, jenga amani tele

Sisi sote wakenya, tukae kwa pamoja

Rais wetu wa Kenya, wastahili heshima kupata.


Ndugu zetu wakeya, popote uendapo, kuwa na heshima na upendo.

Sisi sote wakenya, tuko na jukumu kubwa,

Tujenge Kenya yetu, tulinde Kenya yetu.


Mimi ni mtoto Abigail, nahubiri Amani,

Je wewe?

The peace promotion organization’s mission is to spread Peace, Unity and Love. Through their CEO, Seer Africa is inviting you to join them as partners or as peace ambassadors. Lasting peace can only be realized if we all join hands and say NO to violence. To contact Seer Africa Organization, send them an email via

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