Lost Internet Connection? Google Runner Game

The Google Runner Game is an Easter Egg hidden by Google in the Chrome browser. It is only accessible if you have Google Chrome browser and your internet gets sloppy for a minute. Here is a distraction to keep you busy when the gods of WiFi conspire against you.

Accessing the Google Runner Game

When you do not have internet, chrome browser displays a specific message and a white screen with minimal writing. On that screen, Google has hidden the Runner Game.

The content on that screen first informs you that there is no internet connection and further suggests some things you can try. The browser advises you to check your modems and routers. Additionally, there is a proposal to reconnect to WiFi and to run network diagnostics. The last message ‘ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED’ seems to make no sense to the average user but might be a code of some sort.

Before you try checking your internet cables, modem and router, the chrome browser can take you on a detour with a simple distraction that is the Google Runner Game.

Google Runner Game

When your Google Chrome browser is displaying the ‘There is no Internet connection’ message, there is a cartoon-like picture / image of a dinosaur just before the text. We would like to call your attention to that dinosaur.

Press your computer ‘Up’ arrow key. The dinosaur jumps up and you enter a new world of responsibility. You are responsible for the life and survival of the dinosaur in a hostile environment. There is animation where the dinosaur is seen to be running but remains at the left end of the screen / tab. The Google Runner Game is about obstacles that appear at the right end of the screen coming towards the dinosaur.

google no internet connection
Get to this screen. Google Chrome ‘No Internet Connection.’

At the top right end of the dinosaur’s world, there is a scoreboard. The scoreboard shows your high score and your current score. Refreshing or reloading the tab clears your high score.

If you hit an obstacle, the game stops. Resume playing by pressing the ‘Up’ arrow key once again.

In our Google Runner Game research, we identified two types of obstacles;

  1. First, there are the cacti plants coming at the dinosaur. These appear to be the default obstacles.
  2. Second, at the 500 marks score there are birds that are injurious to your dinosaur.

Cacti plants are quite an easy to evade. Just jump over them using the ‘Up’ arrow key.

Birds are a relatively trickier breed of obstacle for your dinosaur;

Google Runner Game Crouch Move
Google Runner Game ‘Crouching Dinosaur’ move. Press the ‘down’ arrow key for this move.
  • There is the low-flying bird that you can evade by jumping over. This is similar to the cacti plants.
  • Next is a medium-altitude-flying bird. You can jump over this one, or you can press the ‘down’ directional key on your computer keyboard. Pressing the ‘down’ key makes your dinosaur crouch. Crouching your dinosaur allows the medium-altitude-flying bird passage above you.
  • Last, there is the high-altitude-flying bird. You do not need to do anything to evade this bird. It flies at an altitude at which it has no chance of colliding with your dinosaur.

Google Runner Game Game-play

During game-play, all key-presses elicit a simple beep sound. For every 100 marks scored, there is a unique beep sound. Additionally, game-play speeds up a little every 100 marks you score. You start encountering birds when you get to 500 marks score.

Google Runner Game 700 Score
At 700 score, the game goes into ‘Night Mode’.

At 700 marks score, there is a switch to ‘night mode’. The screen colours flip. What is in white colour turns black and whatever was in black colour turns white. Our Google Runner Game test-player could not recall if the text on the screen was still visible since the game-play speed at this point is quite fast. There is no time to focus your lines of sight on the lower sections of the screen.

Beware of the colour-flip. It does something to you that makes it likely for you to hit an obstacle. At 900 marks score, the colours flip again. This continues with varying frequency as you continue scoring higher marks on Google Runner Game.

  • You can pause the game by pressing the left ‘Alt’ key. Once paused, resume the game by pressing ‘Esc’ key.
  • We did our testing on Windows Operating System. Let us know if this works on another Operating system.

Ps: Google is known for their like of Easter eggs hidden in their website pages. Try typing the word Google in reverse [elgoog] on the Google search page.

What is your Google Runner Game high score? Our highscore at time of writing this article is 1600 marks. Share your highscore screenshot with us on Twitter.
If you discover more tricks as you play the game, kindly share them with us.

Our tester for the game and contributor to this article is Mutahi Muriithi; senior youth mentor in Digital Media and Communication at Nestwebia who is highly averse to mediocrity. Connect with Mutahi on Twitter, Or Facebook.

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