Move Over Television, Digital Media Takeover

The past

Social media, what comes to mind? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat (if you are one of the really cool ones). Statistically speaking, well over 76 percent of adults online use social media. The explosive rise of social media has been properly documented and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon.

Before the world invasion of social media, there was television and print media. The only way a company could push their brands was through creative adverts meant to reach targeted audiences while competing for time slots that guarantee the target market will actually be sitting in front of their entertainment set.


Today, everyone worth their salt is on at least one social site; including your 50 something-year-old uncle whose friend request you pretend you have not received. Probably because you learnt from your ‘mistake’ when you accepted your aunt’s request and all she does now is share your embarrassing baby photos to your timeline. That is right, social media is not just for the ‘young’.

Businesses, big and small, have noticed this shift to social media for information and as such, they are making the most of these platforms to support their marketing efforts.

Over fifty percent of social media users follow specific brands. This sets social media apart as a means to reach existing and new clients in an interactive and dynamic way. Social media provides an opportunity that adverts do not, the ability to not only ask questions, but also probe.

Consumers can ask questions about specific products get answers in real time before making the decision to purchase. In a consumer market that is increasingly conscious of health, environment and value for money, businesses have to be able to convince them why they are the best. A simple 40-second advert will not cut it, the consumers know it, and the companies know this too.

Changes everywhere

The world is moving; television is losing its place in your living rooms and lounges. Photo: Pinterest – Dynamic Mounting.

Businesses are acknowledging the fact that people do not turn on their television to watch advertisements, they turn on the sets to watch a sitcom or drama they like, maybe the day’s news. The ‘interruptions’, the adverts, are a reminder to put the shopping in its place or take a much-needed bathroom break before the program comes back on.

While adverts could reach a larger audience at a time, it is a great waste of resources if viewers do not connect with the services and products that a company is offering.  Companies in social media are able to reach people with a genuine interest in the products.

People who might actually want to know more about what the business has to offer. Therefore, the company saves money and the target audience does not have to deal with adverts they do not want.  It is about time you started saving the business some money and target your ideal audience using social media.

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