Nanyuki – Louniek Fun Test for Man and Machine

All arrangements were in place for the Nanyuki Louniek Amateur fun motor race in Laikipia County. 40 drivers and 9 motorcyclists took part in the race with their 4x4s, 2-wheel drives and motorcycles. Dirt bikes were a special attraction in the 180 KM fun race. Vehicles were registering for participation at 1,000 Kshs, and motorbikes at 250 Kshs.

The one-day fun challenge was organized with support from the County Government of Laikipia. It aimed at promoting peace and showcasing Laikipia as a sports tourism location. County governor Nderitu Muriithi, his deputy and First Lady Maria Mbeneka led a contigent of county leaders who took part in the race.

180 Km of Road Available

The fun race was held on Saturday 24th November, 2017. Vehicles followed the 180 Km Nanyuki – Jua Kali- Naibor – Digiri – Il Polei – Kimanjo – Uaso – Ilmotiok – Sosian – Posta – Mugie Gate – Louniek route. At Louniek, a cultural village served as the finishing point and evening celebrations venue. Registration was taking place at the Nanyuki Cedar Mall and a number of other selected establishments in Nanyuki, Nyahururu and in Nairobi.

Participants were excited about the race from start to finish. They had a chance to interact with locals. Drivers also had a golden opportunity to test themselves and their cars, while showcasing their driving skills. Along the route, drivers had to solve interactive puzzles with the locals before moving on to the next stops.

The Fun Race is Safe and Secure

Speaking a day before the fun race, Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi had assured teams and spectators of security during the race. This reassurance was important, given that Laikipia has frequent flare -ups of violence between communities. These bouts of violence affect the overall Laikipia County security status.

A team of county officials and organizers did a dry run of the route before racing-day. They later gave a thumbs-up for action to be staged there.

Community Involvemnet and Acceptance

On the urging of the governor, Laikipian locals generally embraced the event. Some however took to digital media to ask if the fun race had any positive impact on local communities.

As part of Laikipia County peace building efforts, a bull was in the evening slaughtered at Lonyiek and roasted. Participants from various communities had a feast on the meat after songs, traditional dances and speeches on the need for coexistence.

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