Our Nature, National Unity and Laikipia’s Latest

Man is a political animal. He is created by the Maker in analogical way not either equivocal or univocal.
Each being views a thing differently from the other. Relativism philosophy has been quite robust in today’s world.
You can’t point a finger and say A is right and B is wrong. In addition human being is a rational animal endowed with the faculty to judge.
Politics should not contribute to hatred but it should help us appreciate the philosophy of opposites without hurting, hating or disrespecting each other. Our republic is ruled by a constitution which help us to be democratic, fighting demagogues and sophists of egoistic character. We are beautiful let us be one despite our diversities.

#Philosopher Conrad Joseph.

Progression, Development and Diligence our Goal. Leadership is stewardship in a particular docket.
It is the epicenter and the driving focus to achieve a particular goal. NASA Principles and Leaders brainwash and indoctrinate the Kenyan Republic to resist development, progress, creativity, entrepreneurship and increases the leverage of unemployment.

Nasa Principals
The fabric of Kenyan society is torn apart every election cycle.

Leaders should not bring darkness and selfish ego-centeredness to a developing nation. Kenyans are to exist to maximize their potential and reach to self actualization. We have to resist intelligently following blindly and irrationally leaders who believe they are giants of certain specific tribes. Kenya will stand and develop beyond measures.

#Philosopher Conrad Joseph

Darkness Experienced By the Laikipia Youths

Laikipia is in trouble. It is quite devastating to our young ones who are so energetic, passionate and determined to get their daily bread. Long days and wearied nights are experienced by our youths due to lack of job opportunities.
Those working in NYS sector were discontinued from their line of duty. This means that Community Youth who were working under the NYS Youth Empowerment Programme are now jobless. They are suffering from the turmoil in paying their bills and other expenses.

Nature of Man - Nestwebia Digital
Man is a political animal. But to what extent should we allow politics to divide us?

The British Army Training Unit in Kenya (BATUK) is under pressure where they are given orders to quit from the county. They boost the Laikipia economy by offering job opportunities to our youth and spending in the county. If they are to leave then the rate of unemployment opportunities will rise.
The consequential results of these two matters will bring crimes in our county. An English Proverb says “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” Our request is to the governor to escalate what is going on so that our youths can be productive to our great county.

#Philosopher Conrad Joseph

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