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A black hole is a pest of the cosmos. Black holes absorb everything from light, other forms of energy and matter. The black hole does not give off any light or radiant energy! You can be forgiven for saying that Black Holes embody selfishness. Social media has its fair share of black holes. These are users who do not post content but want to consume content. Do not be a black hole of energy and enthusiasm around you. Do not just absorb, crush and denude the esteem of other people.

We all encounter these types of accounts in our social media lives, some good and others bad for our self-esteem. It is upon each individual to decide what they keep around them, and what they are around. If you are around a black hole, eliminate it. If you feel that you are being a black hole, remove yourself from the lives of those people around you. Sometimes you know them, sometimes you do not.

The life we are living online requires youth to be not only motivated, but also to believe in themselves. Otherwise, can we survive? Govt looting, strikes everywhere, failing systems in health, education and governance are the order of the day! We need all the encouragement, support and mentorship that we can get. It is very sad especially, to see youth who only have negativity towards initiatives and startups by fellow young people.

We have christened them ‘trolls’ on the internet. Why should anyone decide to be just evil for whatever reason? Can trolling be justified? Today, make a conscious decision to be a giver of hope and encouragement to a youth around you, and to believe in yourself; that you can make it.

Today, pump your fist in the air and decide to stand your ground when the time comes. Remember the heroes who went before us, those who fought for the various liberations of our country? Let us not let them down.

Today, decide not to be a black hole


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  1. Awesome thinking there. Positivity is something we should all embrace, crating some, surrounding ourselves with some, and spreading some around us. Good job LtCaezar, keep more coming.

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