How to Post a Job Advert on Social Media

Yes, a job advert on social media is possible. Where do you post your job adverts? About 80% of all organizations today post their job openings on social media. Usually, this is accompanied by a link to their website where they have written a longer job description, requirements, remuneration and other important details. This post will look at how to effectively use social media in recruiting.

How most people post job adverts on social media

There are common styles used in posting a job advert on social media. Most people will go and share the link with some text stating a job is available. Others may say how much is being paid in a bid to attract more responses. A good number of organizations and corporate entities will add a requirement or two.

A typical job advert on social media will thus look like; ‘ Looking for a Nurse for a new hospital. 300 USD per month. Should be registered with Association of Nurses. [link]’. Others may avoid the link if they are an agency and add a ‘If interested contact me’ at the end in place of a link. Some platforms¬†may allow longer posts, though these are not advised.

So then, which is the best way to post a job advert on social media?

A careful analysis of 400 job adverts on 3 social media sites indicated that the job adverts that get the most responses are characterized by 4 things.

  1. The job. Are you looking for a nurse or a Teacher? Or is it a Social Media specialist to manage your accounts? This information has to be in your posting.
  2. Remuneration. Money attracts attention. The amount being offered will help the reader determine if they want the job or not. Make sure to specify the amount per period of time in days, weeks, or months; whichever is applicable.
  3. Remote, or embedded workplace. If they are looking for jobs via a job advert on Social Media, they know about remote working. Specify to avoid any confusion.
  4. Location. Where are you located. It should include the country, and possibly the nearest city. This is especially important for remote jobs. It helps the job seeker to know if the time zone is acceptable to them. For remote jobs that only count the hours of work and do not need the employee to be awake during your official working hours, you may leave this out.

You have the skeleton of your job advert. If so far your space is full (think of Twitter) you can include a link. Specify that more details are to be found by following the link. If there is still more space left, add a professional hashtag for the field you are recruiting in. These will be #Education, or #Journalism, or even #Engineering etc. Hashtags give you more visibility.

Additional tips

Your wording should at all costs include these two magic words, ‘looking for’. Many job seekers search for them on social media and then include the wildcard of their profession. A sample job search can be ‘looking for *Engineer*’. That search displays to me the results of any job advert on social media that has the words ‘looking for Engineer’ in any order. ¬†Post your advert twice around 4 times per day to cover different time zones if it is a remote work opportunity.

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