How Sharing a Facebook Post Communicates to Your Audience

Are you in a hurry, or do you have time? Sharing a Facebook post can communicate in hidden ways to both the author of the post and the people who will see the post after it is shared. Keep in mind that Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

The understanding of this has to be in the context of whether the person sharing the post is in a hurry, or if they have time. If they are in a hurry, you will feel it from the way they will have shared the post. Similarly, if they have time to ponder and read a post before sharing it, it will be felt in the way they share the post.

A person in a hurry rarely adds anything to the post. They will just share it. Same to marketers and other quick-fix seekers. The ultimate test to determine if the person was in a hurry, is to check whether they have liked the post, or commented on it. If all they have done is share a post, but did not comment or like it, they were most likely in a hurry.

Now, let us see the person who is not in a hurry and;
  • Shares with comment – It means that they have read, understood the post, and they want their friends to know too.
  • Share without writing – The person thinks that the post looks good, it communicates that they trust the page and the person posting it, it is worthy a read..
  • Share in Message – This is a strong message. The person is communicating that they have read, understood and they think you must read it too. What they may know about you tells them that you will find the post interesting.
If you identify that they were in a rush, and then they;
  • Share with comment – At least they put in some effort. This post is important to them. The person is glad that they saw it and would like to share it with you.
  • Share without writing – Good post, or just another post, or maybe the person sharing it just wants to appease the admins of the Facebook page.
  • Share in Message – They feel that even if they do not have much time, the post will be beneficial to you the recipient.

Next time you see a friend share a Facebook post, take time to analyze the way they shared it. It will help you in determining how seriously you should take the post.

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