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A Slow Internet Connection Becomes a Blessing?

A slow internet connection can be a blessing sometimes.

By now, you know LtCaezar for professional social media and online presence consultancy services. Today, I will break from routine a little. I am going to give you a glimpse into the LtCaezar engine, drawing from a pretty much personal experience in this post. I recently had an encounter with a very slow internet connection. We all hate ‘snail internet’ but for once I thanked my slow internet gods.

Slow internet connection effects

A slow internet connection has been identified as one of the causes of less work done in offices. It is also an irritant that spoils moods and can lead to raised temper at the workplace. Social media is instantaneous, fast and all other adjectives that describe high speed. It is spot-on and we social media gurus love our internet being lightning fast.

We stream stuff on social media in event coverage, share constant updates, and like to monitor live streams from persons of interest.

Sometimes, slow internet connections can save your skin and your neck too. That is when you are making a mistake and it gives you that infinitesimal iota of a nanosecond to stop something from being posted, tweeted or updated.

My mistake

The other day, I composed this Tweet, “We know that startup founders can be arrogant, acting on a spurious of the moment and nasty. Maybe it is because of trials we go through.” Wow. Now check the meaning of the word ‘spurious’. My English had been rectified by some autocorrect feature on my phone. Spurious means illegitimate or imitating; something that is not real.

Just before I tweeted that, my eye caught the word spurious. I was sharing my single internet connection with 4 other devices and it had slowed down considerably. Usually, I would have waited for the tweet to be sent, and then delete it. But you are never sure who might have seen it in that 1 second it is on the timeline.

A quick solution

Quickly, I swiped down that ribbon at the top of my simple android phone and activated airplane mode. This is a mode that closes all wireless connections. I could see the Twitter App still trying to send the tweet. I thus immediately force-stopped the Twitter App. A waiting game ensued. I checked my account on another device as quickly as I could. I saw that the tweet had not been posted. Out of fear, I decided to restart my phone. This was based on the premise that the tweet might have been stored in a temporary file and would be sent immediately there was an internet connection. I know restarting these phones erases such temporary files.

I later used my laptop (the phone had proved unworthy) to write a more comprehensive and thought out tweet that included a hashtag and more affirmative language with less apologies. It read, “Sometimes, #startup founders are arrogant, even a little nasty and condescending. I’d say it is because of the trials & troubles we endure.”

Phewwxx, we all now know how a slow internet connection helped me once.

When there is totally no internet, play this game.

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