ContainC3I social media crisis management playbook

#ContainC3i Social Media Crisis Management Playbook

There are two types of social media users. There is the one who uses social media to connect with family, show off their wealth, document a travel, post nice pictures of food and cats etc. Then there is the one who is on social media to make money.  The two types of users are likely to engage with a company or organization on any random day. Any type can easily disguise itself as the other. Any type can morph into the other.

Once your organization is interacting with people via social media, you must expect that one day you will need to handle a case of an irate customer. You will usually have a general plan to follow in your day to day customer care process on social media sites.

About C3i

The acronym C3i has military origins. It is gradually penetrating civilian domains and percolating into various day to day activities. As noted in, there is migration of the C3i concept into enterprise, business, marketing and social media domains.

3rd response is an argument ContainC3I social media crisis management playbook
3rd response is an argument – ContainC3I social media crisis management playbook

Your plan takes into account the angry customer and works countless times. On one day however, your plan fails! That is the day you will need the more intensive and aggressive tactics outlined in the Contain C3i social media crisis management playbook.

The ContainC3i playbook is today an important tool for anyone tasked with handling digital media for an organization or prominent individual.

Handling Social Media Crisis Scenarios

There are two ways you can handle this scenario.

  1. You wait for it to blow over. Later, you may do a PR campaign to cleanse your image. Sometimes, you just assume that the incident will be forgotten.
  2. You go on the offensive and leave a few of your resources taking care of the defense. In short, give the enemy something else to think about.

The crisis management playbook is full of aggression tactics, diversionary tactics and communication tactics at the psychological level – for the people who want to launch a type 2 response. This book is about being strong, being the one who controls the playground, and being powerful.

You are weak, an easy target ContainC3I social media crisis management playbook
You are weak, an easy target – ContainC3I social media crisis management playbook

You will find that the playbook is divided into 3 sections.

  • For the Social media manager.
  • For the Social Media mercenary.
  • General information.

Something for Everyone

The social media manager must read the whole book. They need to be able to control and direct a crisis response. The more you know, the better.

You are in a unconventional situation ContainC3I social media crisis management playbook
You are in a unconventional situation.

The social media mercenary must read the part of the book that is specific for him / her. You need to know what is expected of you and how to deliver it. You may read the part for the social media manager if you so desire. It is not prohibited. However, make sure to leave the social media manager to implement their section as they see fit.

Social media users read the book for the general information bits that are included in this playbook. They get to understand Social Media from a corporate point of view and generally pick a lot of useful information about securing social media accounts.

You Need the #ContainC3i Playbook

This social media crisis management playbook is based on the premise that an attack is either spontaneous or premeditated. It takes into account that users may be randomly engaging negatively with you, or they may be being paid to tarnish your name. This playbook holds your hand and leads you out of the murky waters of an image/brand tarnishing coordinated attack launched via social media.

Do not be scared. Instead, be prepared. – Mutahi Muriithi. (2015)

Be friendly to employees ContainC3I social media crisis management playbook
Be friendly to your employees.

It is important that you take time to practice what is in this playbook. Prepare some of the setups required in advance, especially for social media mercenaries. Be ready to move quickly. Practice frequently and rigorously.

To get the most out of the #ContainC3i playbook; commit to, read, understand, practice, and prepare in advance. As you read the book, it is advisable that you already know about Military C3i.

Free Download or view the full 39-page 8,800 word PDF  [PDF]ContainC3I Social Media Crisis Management Playbook

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