Social Media for Innovators and Techpreneurs

Innovators and Techpreneurs face a challenge in utilization of social media. Well, except those who are innovating in the field of social media. One would expect these two classes of businesses, or people to be conversant with social media. Most are, but do not utilize it fully. It is not a rare occurrence to find a very nice innovative idea today, blossoming into a Tech-startup and having no social media presence. Let us look at a few reasons why this is the case, and the solutions that can be applied.

Challenges that Innovators and Techpreneurs face

  • Lack of time. Yeah, these geeks and thinkers have little time for social media. They rightly have heavier bones to chew. A few do have the wrong notion that social media is a waste of time.
  • Little or no knowhow. Some of the innovators and techpreneurs do not know what a repost or retweet means. Ask them to invite a friend to like a Facebook page and you will be casting them in unfamiliar territory.
  • Inadequate resource. Who does not go through a little downtime? Techpreneurs are looking for money to finance their research and development, not to pay a social media ninja to man the keyboard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only computer they have will be dedicated to PDFs, writing up documentation and other ‘important’ work 😉
  • Slow growth. Um, social media is a slow process. We all know that, but techies are used to having stuff happening fast. Most will expect that they will have thousands of followers overnight; which is not the case.

Experience has shown that social media, when used properly and consistedly, can serve as a great marketing tool. Innovators and techpreneurs can reap massive publicity, lead generation and sales via social media. The secret of success for the startup lies not in having someone constantly dedicated to social media. Since we are talking tech and innovation, let us also get innovative in our thinking.

Sample Social Media Setup for a Techpreneur or Innovator

You will need a website, smartphone, an email address, a good reliable social media consultant, a clever website developer and lots of luck.

Your website can be a static one with only a landing page. Ensure that there is a means of contacting you. Usually, a contact form is deployed on a section of the landing page. Make it such that an email is sent to you every time a person fills the contact form.

  • Be present on a maximum of two social media platforms. You can get an expert to advise you on this for a very low cost. The said expert can then take you on a crash course with tips on how to use the two platforms.
  • Link your website to your social media. On some section of your website, close to the ‘Contact Us’ section, indicate your social media handles. This will advertise your social media presence.
  • On your social media platforms, set it so that you are sent a notification for any interaction on social media.

Now, on your smartphone, allow notifications for new emails and social media interactions.

Note that this setup is for a passive monitoring system. It ensures that you do not miss any leads that might be generated by online presence. For active posting and to be seen to be active on social media, you can try getting a content developer to write content for your two social media accounts. Schedule the posts for a week or two. You will rest easy for some time. The challenge is the cost of hiring involved. We will explore this option in the immediate next post. (And we do not know when that will be)

Ps We will do our best to write the post as soon as we can.

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