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Social Media Growth Hacker Defined

Social media Growth hacking is real. The small collection of growth hackers are a secretive lot and rarely shed light on what they do. Some social media users and Internet workers are growth hackers yet they do not know it. Let us find out if you are a social media growth hacker.

A growth hacker has the larger picture in his head. He has intimate knowledge of the organization online and offline resources. They know the skills at their disposal and will often work closely with a programmer / software developer. Automation is on their tongues every day. A friend in the online presence and social media circles once told me that they are afraid Growth Hackers will create the next Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Key qualities of a growth hacker are that he can only explain his mind to a programmer. There is no way the average social media user or person off the street will understand him. They speak in long sentences, putting things in context. If you listen to them, you get lost at the second word they utter.

  • Knows how to game the system. Growth hackers have only one playbook; how to create stuff that is mind-boggling. The rest is continuous study of systems, platforms, integration and gaming the different systems. Social media platforms and many service providers change their algorithms every day. The growth hacker predicts the algorithm change and adjusts before the algorithm is changed.

    Growth Hacker
    Where the Growth Hacker fits in best.
  • Sees opportunities where there are none. I guess that kinda explains itself.  It is like these ninjas have eyes everywhere, hear everything and connect dots of small bits of irrelevant information to come up with one package that redefines the way things are done.
  • Works from the perspective of both the organization and the user (customer) of the product. A social media growth hacker will always be considerate of how the user experience is affected. They combine psychology and analysis to keep users retained within their business community while constantly acquiring new customers.
  • Targeting, SEO, SMM and SMO are their friends. A growth hacker finds ingenious ways to reach people who are likely to buy into the product. A good growth hacker is a fine mix of composed of software development and marketing skills.
  • Testing, and then testing again and then repeating the test. All this time, different parameters will be under study. The growth hacker then puts together a tool or system that will revolutionalize the way you acquire new business leads.
  • With a little Internet, a good programmer and enough space to do their experiments, the social media growth hacker easily makes organizations and businesses thrive. If you are having a problem here or a problem there in your business marketing, consider hiring a growth hacker.

If you want to spot a growth hacker, they will be talking about growth hacking.

If a growth hacker asks for access to everything about the business setup, give it to them. With time, they will do optimization, change the user experience, test and put in place systems that will work for you for years. Most growth hackers will have spent years on the Internet. They are thus able to conceptualize many different ideas and connect them into one big system. It is this system that then drives growth. Most of us on social media called these Ninjas the ‘guys who replace themselves with automated systems’.

Do you know anyone who fits this description?

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