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You Can Solve Any Crossword Puzzle

Easily solve crossword puzzles that you come across in your daily life. Crosswords are solved either for fun as a leisure activity, or in competitions where winners take home awards and prizes.

What you need

To solve crossword puzzles that you encounter, you only need a good understanding of the language the puzzle is in. Follow the steps below to easily solve any crossword puzzle.

  • Have some space to do rough work and drafting.
  • Keep a clear head. Do not let distractions get to you.
  • If a clue does not spark a quick answer at first, skip it and go to the next one.
  • Usually, start by filling all the clues you can solve across the crossword puzzle.
  • Next, fill the words that run downwards in the crossword.

You will find that you have created a loose grid of words that you can easily remember.

Now the hard part is solving the clues that did not come easily to you at first. To do this;

  1. Go through the clues again.
  2. Some clues will click to your mind because they have some letters of the alphabet written on the crossword. Fill these in – both across, and then downwards.

Expert -Guessing Solutions to Crossword Puzzles

Solving Crossword Puzzle Nestwebia
Solving a Crossword Puzzle Nestwebia

The space or paper to do rough work and drafting is now useful at this point. Every language has phonetics and word structures that are universal to that language. E.g. in English, there are

  1. Consonants that rarely occur next to each other.
  2. Still in English, most words have a vowel after every one or two consonants except where a ‘s’ is added to the end of a plural word.

If you know such tricks and tips about your language, you can make expert logical guesses of the missing letters within your puzzle solutions.

Time Management

With adequate time, keep working and making the expert logical guesses. If you do not have time, make as many guesses and logical evaluations as you can until time is over. This often happens in competitive crossword puzzle solving. You will have done the best you can and provided as many correct answers as you can.

With complex crossword puzzles and when in competition, do not make too many guesses. Limit yourself to two or three guesses only. This is because in competition, wrong answers in your crossword puzzle are often costly. They could lead to loss of already gained marks. Blank spaces are not as problematic in competition. A blank space on a competitive crossword puzzle is a missed mark, not a mark less. Do not lose already gained marks by writing too many wrong answers in your crossword puzzle. Guesses and what you think are logical reasoning have a large margin of error that you want to avoid.

Crossword Puzzles for Leisure

Solve Crossword Puzzle Nestwebia
Solve any Crossword Puzzle.

When solving crosswords for leisure, you will be free to use dictionaries and the internet to help you solve clues. Today, there are smartphone applications that are available to help you solve puzzles. However, do not rush to use these tools and crossword solving applications when you encounter difficulty. This is because crosswords are supposed to sharpen your brain. They test your ability to recall words when given a clue.

If every time you meet a clue that is tough to solve you rush for help, you will not be sharpening your brain. Allow yourself a minute or two thinking about the missing solution before opening your dictionary or other helper tools.

If you make any mistakes in the crossword and realize them, rectify immediately. This will help prevent you from building up on the mistake. Crossword puzzles are a game where one first sets up a foundation ‘network’. Subsequent solutions build on the set foundation. If you have a foundation of wrong answers to crossword puzzle clues, you will build up a solution that is fundamentally wrong.

Practice Solving Crosswords

Look for many crossword puzzles to solve. By practicing often, you expose yourself to many clues and their solutions. Your word vocabulary builds up and grows wide. The more you practice, the easier it becomes for you to fill and solve any crossword puzzle you encounter in future.

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