Standing Up for What is Right

It is a tricky business, but somebody has to do it. Standing up for what is right feeds into the narrative that if we do not use our freedom to fight for our freedoms, then we will lose the freedom to have freedom. Yeah it is a tongue twister, but somebody has to say it too.

In our lives, more so as Kenyan youths, we often face situations when decisions can be difficult to make. These are cases where you have to choose between your interests, the interests of someone else, and the interest of the law. There are also afew other times when we just do not care. Think of being in a queue at the shop or bank, and someone wants to jump the queue. You are the next person and you do not care much for the guys behind you. Do you speak up, or say it does not concern you?

In being humane, the person jumping queue may be in a hurry, sick, disabled or in a situation that requires quick service for him. You do not know and neither do I. In reality, the guy might just be one of those guys who think they are more equal than others. Now we are in a paradox of our own creating.

Standing up for what you believe in is good, as long as you believe in what is right. Always be considerate and human, even as we try to maintain some rule of law and respect for systems in Kenya. Keep in mind that the law was made not to be broken, but neither was it made to enslave man.

Have a blessed day my friend.

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