Using Social Media to Find Your Dream Job

Your dream job is within reach. I would like to show you how to find that job you lust after using simple social media searches. You should be more attentive while reading this if you are a freelancer and your profession can be practiced in a freelance remote way.

Your Dream job on the top 3 social media sites.

1. Now, finding your dream job on social media is about patience and a little skill on how to do searches. The first thing you should do is have a social media account on a platform of your choice. LinkedIn is a good meeting point for professionals and those looking for employment. Set up your Linked in profile well. This means that you put all your academic and professional qualifications. Ensure to also enumerate your skills and competencies. Linked in uses these to suggest jobs for you. Their algorithms for this are quite efficient and rarely point you to false positives.

2. The other social media platform you can use to find your dream job is Twitter. Run a search that includes your profession or job that you are looking for. Add the words ‘looking for’ in a wild search. You can run two different searches and monitor them for a week or two to see which one has more traffic. A wildcard search for a journalist could be ‘looking for *journalist*’. The search returns results for all tweets that contain the word ‘journalist’, and ‘looking for’ in them.

3. A third famous social media platform you can use is Facebook. Yes old fellas, we have also considered you. On Facebook, run the same search as that for Twitter. Use a wildcard search using the asterix *. Unfortunately, Facebook search is sometimes unreliable. However, that does not mean that you should not run a search. Facebook curates results for you. Sometimes, it means that some results are omitted. The same happens to your home feed, you tend to be shown the posts that Facebook thinks are most relevant to you. Let us hope that Facebook sees this post and makes some adjustment to their search and curation algorithm.

What was not considered?

Searches on social media for jobs are very rewarding, and convenient

In doing research for this post, we did not consider Instagram, Snapchat and a number of other social media sites. This is because statistics point out that these platforms are not used by professionals and organizations to recruit. Maybe we will conduct our own research at Nestwebia to find out if this is really the case. Meanwhile, we went with what previous research by other acclaimed bodies show.

When you are looking for your dream job on social media, ensure that you take adequate security measures. The first is research. If you see a suitable opening, find out who is posting it and who the end client is; if the job is posted by an agency. Something else, run a Google search about the person or account posting the job. Look at their previous postings and see how much credible they are. If any sirens start ringing in your head, run and don’t look back.

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