Writing: How to pen down 500 words in 2 hours

Writers of copy for various purposes in their different industries often encounter a scenario or meet the question of how fast they can write. Freelance writers for websites and blogs are often pushed to their limits when writing. They are often asked to write in different niches with varying time limits from clients. This will never be a problem again for you.

Once you set out to write, you will first need to do some quick research about the topic you are assigned. The internet is best suited for this. Make short concise notes as you do your research. The main points that will guide you in writing your final content are what you need to jot down as notes. Highlights may also go into your notes, and be sure to put them in the right place within your work.

Very Important Writing Skills

For you to be capable of writing 500 words in 2 hours, there are some basic skills you need including;

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Small articles should not be a problem for freelance writers and creatives.
  1. Computer typing proficiency. You should be able to type as fast as you think. Your brain should not leave your hands behind.
  2. Internet research. Know how to navigate the web and find relevant information.
  3. Organization, order and efficiency. Once you set out to do a task, concentrate on it to its end.
  4. Creative writing. You should be able to come up with new ideas or at least sensible inferences from what you read.

Writing is a Process

As you do your research, allow your mind to think about what you are reading. Compare the new information you see with any pre-existing knowledge you may have in your mind. In your thinking process, link the new information with any prior knowledge you may have, or which you have found from other sources. Creative writers can do this easily. However, you must do this carefully. Do not immerse yourself too much in creative thought and lose track of time.

The process of research and note-writing should take you as much time as you need. Keep at it until you feel fully confident that you have a proper grasp of the topic. This helps you make sure that you have adequate content to write. It is often better to have more content to write than to have less. However, let the time taken not exceed 1 hr. You will need the rest of the time to type out your work and check it for errors.

Get down to writing. Ensure good flow of thought, use the right words in your text, and make sure that each new thought is in a paragraph of its own. Each last paragraph should also connect in some way to the next paragraph. This should take you 30 minutes at most.

Know Your Length Limits

Some times, your work might exceed 500 words. Reduce the number to around 510 words. In some cases, you will find that you have written fewer words than 500. Go back through your work and add a few more ideas. If there are none to add, build on the ideas that you had already written. Read the work from the perspective of the final reader and answer any questions that might be hanging. This might take you an extra 15 minutes.

Your writing speed will go up.
Your writing speed will go up.

Use the last 15 minutes of your 2 hours to ensure quality. Go through your work once you are done writing all what you have. Weed out any errors you may have made and be sure to check punctuation. Clean work earns you long-term clients.

For writers who might find they need to add citations or references to their work, add citations as you type your work. As you do your research, note down the sources that you get information from. This gives you an excellent record of your references and citations. Additionally, record the authors of statements that you directly quote or refer to. Citations are easy to add as you write. Then you will only need to make a nice list of the authors and books to which you have made references. You can then very easily add the list at the bottom end of your work.

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